February - March 2020


In production:

I Liviatani


original score and songs

directed by Riccardo Papa

ZTV: Sympathy with the Devil


original score

written and directed by Jason Ragosta

On TV:

Midway to Love

La gloire ou l'amour/F

Ritorno a Midway/IT

(romantic comedy/USA/2019)

original score and song

Directed by Jeff Day

Super Channel, Canada:

March 07 @ 8:00PM


March 07 @ 11:00PM


March 11 @ 8:00AM


March 11 @ 12:30PM


March 11 @ 6:30PM


March 12 @ 2:00AM


March 14 @ 6:30PM


March 15 @ 12:30AM


March 19 @ 9:00AM


March 19 @ 3:15PM

Rsi La1 (CH)

March 2 @13:35

TV8 (IT)

March 5 @15:50

Currently available in streaming:

Amazon Prime Video (UK)



Dottori in Corsia

(primetime TV drama series/Italy, 2019)

additional music

8 episodes

directed by Michele Imperio

Throwaway Boy


original score

written by Charles Becco,

directed by Michael A. Pinckney (Inside Man, Precious, Law and Order)

The Penal Colony

(Greece/UK 2017)

original score

directed by Lindsey Aliksanyan and Manos Cizek

winner of the Cinematic Achievement Award at the Oscar-qualifying Thessaloniki International Film Festival

On stage:

Elena di Euripide

an original electronic music opera 

libretto /directed by Dr. Natale Filice

Italian tour: Sicily, Latium, Calabria

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