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Midway to Love

August 28 @9PM

Hallmark Movies&Mysteries

La gloire ou l'amour

August 12  @2:00PM

M6 Suisse


I Liviatani


original score and songs

directed by Riccardo Papa

now available in Italy on

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ARPA International Film Festival 2020

Los Angeles

Throwaway Boy


original score

directed by Michael A. Pinckney

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

The Penal Colony


original score

directed by Lindsey Aliksanyan and Manos Cizek

Winner: Cinematic Achievement Award 



Midway to Love

La gloire ou l'amour/F

Ritorno a Midway/IT

(romantic comedy/USA/2019)

original score and song

Directed by Jeff Day

Hallmark Movies&Mysteries, USA:

August 28 @ 9:00PM

Super Channel, Canada:

September 18 @ 7:30AM

September 18 @ 6:00PM

September 27 @ 6:05AM

September 28 @ 2:15AM

August 10 @ 8:05AM

August 10 @ 5:00AM

August 11 @ 12:30PM

August 22 @ 9:30PM

August 23 @ 12:35PM

M6, Switzerland:

August 12  @ 2:00PM


Streaming & On Demand:

Amazon Prime Video (UK)

Super Channel (CA)

Pureflix (US)

6 Plus (F)

The Transparent Woman


original score

Amazon Prime (US) (streaming)

W gli sposi


original score

Infinity TV (IT) (streaming)

In Loving Memory...


original score

Movie Saints (streaming)


Dottori in Corsia

(primetime TV drama series/Italy, 2019-2020)

additional music

8 episodes

directed by Michele Imperio

In post-production:

ZTV: Sympathy for the Devil


original score

written and directed by Jason Ragosta

In pre-production:

22 Weeks


original score

written and directed by 

Christopher Jones and Humberto Castro

In preparation:

St. Moritz Mystery


Summer Wine



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